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Damien Tanner

Panda - open source video encoding powered by Merb, EC2, S3 and SimpleDB


Earlier in the year, we found many of our clients were looking for a solution to allow users to easily upload their own videos. We had a good look into the numerous existing services already available, but ultimately found none quite fit the bill; either being too expensive, closed source or overly complex. Panda was conceived to be a simple open source solution for handling online video. Essentially, Panda allows you seamlessly integrate video uploading, encoding and streaming into your web application, while utilizing the power of the cloud.

We took inspiration from what was already out there and distilled it down to its core. Panda runs entirely on Amazon’s Web Services utilising EC2, S3 and SimpleDB and the Merb framework. Once you’ve started up the application on an EC2 instance you can access the API and administration backend. The REST API allow painless integration with your own web application. Videos are uploaded directly to Panda and transcoded using FFmpeg to any format you desire. Video can be streamed using any Flash video player such as the JW FLV Media Player, and with the addition of h264 support in Flash 0.9.115 users can enjoy full HD quality.

So, visit the Panda site, grab the code from Github, read the Getting Started Guide and don’t forget to join the Google Group if you have any questions or success stories to talk about!